Conference Programme

Seduction Conference #sedc18

Generously funded by the Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh.
Lister Learning and Teaching Centre, 5 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU.

Booking has now closed. If you are interested in attending the Seduction Conference please contact us directly:

Thursday 15th November

G.09, Lister Building (9.00 – 2.00)
1.2, Lister Building, (2.00 – end)

9.00 – 9.15: Registration

9.15 – 9.30: Opening Remarks

9.30 – 10.45: Keynote Address

Sophie Read, University of Cambridge, ‘An Ounce of Civet’: Scent, Sex, and the Paradox of Perfume’

10.45 – 11.00: Break

11.00 – 12.00: Panel 1: Same-Sex Seductions

Marianne Dyremyhr Tyvand, University of Edinburgh, ‘Teen Lesbian Love & Silent Seduction in Comics’

John Portmann, University of Virginia, ‘Seduction, Restrooms, and Gym Showers’

12.00 – 1.00: Panel 2: Seduction and Prose

Laura Ventura, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, ‘Jeffrey Eugenides, an Anthropologist of Seduction’

Adrian Banting, ‘Love, Multiculturalism and the Novel’

1.00 – 2.00: Lunch

2.00 – 2.15: Room change: 1.2 Lister

2.15 – 3.45: Panel 3: Celtic Connections

Robbie MacLeod, University of Glasgow, ‘Love at First Sight: Desire in Medieval Gaelic Literature’

Siobhan Cooke, University College London, ‘“With my Dearest Love I’le live and dye”: The Female Jacobite as a Metaphor for Political Loyalty’

Kate Mathis, University of Glasgow, ‘Heroines and Housewives: Finding Love in the Celtic Revival’

3.45 – 4.00: Break

4.00 – 5.30: Panel 4: Promises and Contracts

Alison Edmonson, SKO Family Law Specialists, ‘White Weddings and Black Letter Law: Sex, Power, and Money in Pre-Marriage Contracts’

Julia Huggins, Brown University, ‘Updated Terms of Agreement, Service, and Endearment: The Masochistic Contract of “Data Domination”’

Gillian Black, University of Edinburgh, ‘The Role of Sexual (in)fidelity in Civil and Criminal Law: Retreating from the Bedroom whilst Legitimising “Rage and Revenge”?’

7.00: Conference dinner at Taxidi, 6 Brougham Street, EH3 9JH


Friday 16th November
4.3 Lister Building

9.15 – 9.30: Registration

9.30 – 10.30: Panel 5: Myths and Mystics

Autumn Vowles, Johns Hopkins University, ‘Spiritual Seduction: The Eroticism of Divine Union in The Life of the Venerable Marie de l’Incarnation’

Harriet MacMillan, University of Edinburgh, “‘Ness I said Ness I will Ness’: Ecofeminism and Myth in Ali Smith’s Girl Meets Boy 

10.30 – 10.45: Break

10.45 – 1.15: Panel 6: Stages, Screens, and Canvases

Rachel Chung, University of Edinburgh, ‘“No Tongue – All Eyes’: Staging Sex and Sexual Violence’

Madison Kurchik, University of Edinburgh Business School, ‘Representations of Seduction in the Workplace: Feminism & Mad Men’

Eirini Katsikea, University of Glasgow, ‘“Painting as an Art”: Art’s Promise of Seduction’

12.15 – 1.15: Lunch

1.15 – 2.45: Panel 7: Women Writers and Seduction

Michal Calo, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, ‘“In the making of pictures and love”: Ekphrasis and Queer Desire’

David Rush, University of Strathclyde, ‘“A Sudden and Unappeasable Taste for Light Novels”: Nancy Mitford and Seductive Fiction’

Shashikant Bukalsaria, University of Edinburgh, ‘Dismantled Boundaries: Sexual Power, Whores, and Concubines in Indira Goswami’s Writings’

2.45 – 3.00: Break

3.00 – 4.30: Panel 8: First Times

Ewa Wylężek, University of Silesia, ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns – Carnivalesque Control of Female Sexuality in Corrida’

Charlotte Potter, University of Sussex, ‘The poetics of virginity and its loss in The Changeling and All’s Well that Ends Well’

Rebecca Barr, NUI Galway, ‘Do you remember the first time? Male sexual initiation in eighteenth-century fiction’

4.30 – 6.00: Poetry from Robbie MacLeod and wine reception